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As creators we must put more energy into thinking laterally given the multitude of new design possibilities available through ever emerging technology. Inclusive representation matters and it should no longer be considered an impossible task.

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A story of social relation. My second example shows just how deeply embedded dominant discourses are in our psyches and how they can continue to function even in the case of seemingly inclusive design.

AltspaceVR is a pioneering social space in virtual reality. However, these are the only things that users can change within the frame of a standard model that closely follows socio-historical preferences of the western world, i. So, what matters and what is excluded from mattering in this case?

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The underlying narrative of having a default is the assumption of what is normal. Once again we find that this is actually zero- sum identity territory. Despite the identity choices presented, their layout further instills a hierarchy and subsequently a narrative of who is the more important.

The hair colour menu is interesting because as well as laying out colours from light to dark it also positions the grey hair option right at the end. If it went by true light to dark logic then grey would actually be in the first position. The apparent visual rationality of this ordered presentation clearly makes room for disruption, so that it can also fit within a broader logic concerning the relevance of older people in social environments.

Humans learn to understand the world through order, so while these design choices may seem harmless at first, our brains function to draw connections about reality through orders presented. Addressing the elephant in the room. This article is not about making a negative case against certain creators; rather it is about revealing how easily we can all be complicit in perpetuating a divisive and hierarchical story of being human without even realising. To combat this, here are some key points that designers and developers can use in addressing unconscious issues of exclusion in human representation:.

Having the courage to disclose uncomfortable truths and have discussions openly can create new spaces for inventive thinking.

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If enough creators take part in openly deconstructing their work, a cultural shift can take place. Hence, making united awareness and effort in solving social representation a key feature of new media design culture. Connection through design. For example, one idea could connect skin colour selection directly to 3D colour visualization. Users could grab and select colour through a customised 3D colour space that has various colours flowing into each other.

This colour space could be represented in the form of a cube, polyhedron or sphere that floats and spins without any hierarchical up and down or left and right. A possible basis for developing an educational experience with more inclusive depictions of humans could also being with a 3D sphere.

Perhaps a model of the earth could allow users to select their ancestral lineage by holding it in their hands. These are just some rough jumping off points for connective design thinking in 3D space, inspired by the previously discussed examples. However, completely functional inclusive design that fits within a specific creative vision inevitably takes time and costs money.

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